Commemorating the first DMBA year

Three of the DMBA pioneer students spent their summer compiling a record of their first years’ experience. You can preview it and even order copies through MagCloud, a print-on-demand service that one of the Sustainability groups researched last year and found to be more planet-friendly than traditional “push” publishing models. The student annual is actually a featured publication on MagCloud right now! The online cost is $15 plus shipping:

They also put together a second publication called “26 Thoughts,” which is a compilation of their blog posts for The articles are online ( but we thought it would also be nice to have them packaged and printed in an anthology. The cost for the document is $10 plus shipping:

Hopefully, these publications will serve as nice artifacts of what was accomplished by the first cohort last year. And maybe there will be a second issue next year for all that we will accomplish in 2009-2010!

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  1. Nathan,
    Thank you for providing these resources. Very interesting read. I am sure this will help spread the word and spike the interest about the program even further.

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