Groovice: Better together.

Groovice: Better together.

This is part one of a two-part series. The second post will be released on Thursday, November 5th.

For the past year, DMBA students Damian Wolfgram and Weston McVicker have been building their software startup Groovice, located just blocks away from CCA’s San Francisco campus.

Groovice is poised to disrupt the highly-sought-after home maintenance and local services markets. Titans of industry and VC-backed companies have flooded the home maintenance space with entrants like Amazon Home Services, NY-based Handy, social platform Nextdoor, and SF-based unicorn Thumbtack. They are all competing for the $300+ billion dollars Americans spend every year on home maintenance. And now the fiery, bootstrapped 10-person Groovice team is entering the market with an efficient, group services model. If Groovice has one thing going for it, it’s a novel and innovative approach to group services that ultimately could be their key differentiator.

Groovice is short for “group + service” and represents neighbors grouping together to get tasks done together. According to the two, there is a myriad of rich market insights that support homeowners natural desire to work together for common benefit; essentially, people experience peace of mind from being part of the herd. It’s hardwired in us from our village days and Groovice is using this concept to empower homeowners to get better deals together.

“We are building Groovice with a mission to push home maintenance into the background of homeowner’s lives,” said Weston.

Of course, in appropriate DMBA fashion, Groovice is a triple bottom line company founded on a desire to do right by people and the planet. By crowdsourcing demand, Groovice substantially reduces the environmental impact of local service delivery. Groovice events, or “groovices” as they call it, are shown to reduce service pro drive times by up to 50%.

On this point, Damian said, “our vision is to provide a sustainable solution to all stakeholders, including the environment. We have developed a Carbon Mitigation Program to track fuel and emission savings across every groovice we operate. We intend to count every gallon of gas grouping saves over and above traditional one-to-one booking models. We project that at-scale Groovice will reduce annual gas consumption by tens of thousands of gallons.”

This week Groovice will be releasing a private beta in Silicon Valley and North Dallas. If you want to learn more information, sign up at or follow along at Stay tuned for part II, when Damian and Weston shed light on how the DMBA has helped shape their early-stage startup experience.