Networking panel with esteemed guests provides insights to DMBA students

Networking panel with esteemed guests provides insights to DMBA students

Networking, teamwork, and inspirational moments, were all topic covered in last weekend’s networking panel hosted by the DMBA at California College of the Arts. The night was led in discussion by Damian Wolfgram, a DMBA student and Ann Rich, a DMBA alumni. Our featured guests included Catherine Courage, SVP of Customer Experience at DocuSign, Eric Ly, Founder, CEO of Presdo and co-founder of LinkedIn, and Saman Farid, managing director at comet labs and venture capitalist.

“There isn’t enough design in the world.” Among the first statements made about this emerging world of design and business, Eric Ly seemed adamant about his views of the benefits of design thinking and practices among both existing businesses and startups. Following up was Catherine Courage, who also spoke to her ideas about design in the future. “We’re finally at a place where design has arrived, and there is no better time to be a designer.”

When asked about the topics necessary for entering this new job market, such as networking and application techniques, they all brought different ideas to the table. Catherine started with, “Make connections. Don’t just apply to jobs to apply. Carve out your own job for yourself.” Following up was Saman, making sure to tell us, “not to be afraid to take the beaten path,” when looking and applying for jobs. Eric also seemed to agree, saying, “don’t necessarily go through the front door- use the back door. Employees want to see a sense of conviction and was to see how you can make the job your own.”

The theme when wrapping up the night was the idea of looking forward, and the panelists were asked to share some of their own opinions about moving on with the future. Eric responded with, “I am always learning. Look at each day as a learning experience- NEVER let your clock stop.” Saman followed with, “I look at things as a series of experiments,” as well as “find the smartest people that your know and emulated them.” And Catherine closed it up with, “I want to give 100% but also get back 110%. Be proactive- even if it’s not in your job description.”