STUDENT INSIGHT: Jeanette Melgarejo

STUDENT INSIGHT: Jeanette Melgarejo

Name: Jeanette Melgarejo

Nationality: Mexican-American

Background: Fashion Design → People Operations (HR + Recruiting)

Work experience and actual employer: I spent about a year freelancing after my undergrad and then stumbled across Philz Coffee and have been there for 4 and a half years. It hasn’t been a linear path by any means, but it sure has been interesting. I’ve learned a lot about small business growth and the importance of culture!

Favorite color: I only wear black, white, or grey. But…my favorite color is actually green!

Favorite app: I was recently introduced to an app called “Think Dirty” where you can input all of your cosmetics and find out how terrible they actually are. Don’t download it…but really, download it.

Favorite book: I have so many! And continue to gain more because of DMBA required readings. Before starting our semester, I read “The Achievement Habit” and it really resonated with me.

Favorite bookmarked website?: Exactly as it sounds, so many great ideas and thoughts about meaningful living.

Why did you choose DMBA over the other programs available?

I chose the DMBA for a number of reasons. I looked at programs in New York that only offered a certificate rather than an MBA. The programs looked interesting, but the DMBA really proved to have connections to real people doing the work that I want to do post-DMBA. I loved that the program was a low-residency program as I am commuting from the South Bay and working 4 days a week.

How do you describe your experience on the DMBA so far?

I think my experience has been really eye opening. I came to the DMBA worried about not understanding why/how I was going to make a shift in thinking/future career, but I’ve really come to enjoy the ambiguity. The DMBA does a really great job at combining both qualitative and quantitative courses. I’m not only learning about the logistics in business and administration, but learning how to become a more thoughtful human being.

What has surprised you the most about DMBA?

The amount of growth you make as a person! It’s incredible to look back at our Orientation on Day 1 to today, although it’s only my second semester, I see myself excelling in skills that I was once nervous about. And even more than that, being a much more thoughtful and inquisitive person. I especially love how much of the work I’m doing in the DMBA translates and overlaps with the work I continue to do at my current job. I’ve been able to reimagine what traditional recruiting and “HR” look like at my company.

What do you like the most about the DMBA?

The people I’ve met along the way! Not only am I learning about myself, but about others. I’m gaining an invaluable set of skills because of my colleague’s backgrounds. Although we all come from wildly different backgrounds, we’ve all made our way to the DMBA for some really special reasons. Everyone has people at their core and that’s something that I don’t see very often in companies or other programs.

What tools obtained from the DMBA have you applied so far at work? Results?

There are so many! I’ve used the “Designing for Growth” framework to lead a project that is launching in a month. I will be facilitating a workshop of the Value Proposition Canvas and Empathy Map for my team at work in a couple of weeks. Using Steve Diller’s approach to interviewing our team about “meaning” in order to build a great employer brand. It just keeps going…