Name: Riley Moynes
Nationality: Canadian
Background: Film and video production/business management

Why did you choose the DMBA over other programs available?
“I chose the DMBA program because I felt like my creative passions would synergize well with the business angles being offered by the DMBA and its experienced professors.”

How would you describe your experience in the DMBA so far?
“So far, I have learned a lot about business and creativity.  I have taken on a new perspective about business problems, I’ve been given new tools to visualize problems and I’ve expanded my network to include extremely talented and connected professionals in various fields.”

What has surprised you the most about the DMBA?
“I was very surprised by the amount of weekly work required to excel in the course.  It’s quite intensive.  I’ve also been surprised by the rich relationships I’ve developed.”

What do you like the most about the DMBA?
“The best part about the DMBA is the tactile, experiential nature of the program – working in groups, real clients, real problems, relevant teachers and learning materials, etc.  Plus, the connections I have created which I talked about previously.”