Our Students Apply From All Over The World







Designers of all Types

About 2/3rds of our students have a design background of some kind, whether it’s in architecture, industrial, interaction, graphic, Web, game, fashion, or automobile design. Most have a design education while some are self-taught professionals. They come to open-up their career possibilities as they take-on more responsibilities and managerial roles.

Scientists and Engineers

We always have a few scientists and engineers in our cohorts who come to enhance their technical skills with business acumen, leadership skills, and sustainability techniques. Kathryn was a nuclear engineer who wanted to create social innovations. After the program, she joined Kaiser Permanente’s Innovation Center. The diversity of our students creates a dynamic learning community.

Non-Profit Professionals

We also have a significant number of professionals from a variety of non-profit roles. Many of these have an interest in social ventures across many disciplines and come to the program for professional business skills as well as creative leadership experience. For example, Olivia Nava worked on a social venture throughout her last year in the DMBA program and, upon graduation, launched Juabar, a venture to spread the use of solar energy for charging and cooking in Tanzania (where she spends most of her time today, as a result).

Financial Minds

More and more, we see students with finance backgrounds join the program, like Linda. While she had a successful career in currency trading, she yearned for the opportunity to create more meaningful change in the world beyond the financial strategy. We hear from our students with a financial background that, at some point, the numbers just weren’t fulfilling any longer so they come to a program like the DMBA to build a more personally meaningful career.

20% of our Students Commute to the Program From All Over North America

Whether it’s from Los Angeles, New York City, Idaho, or Vancouver, about 20% of our students commute to the Bay Area every month for class and then head home, like Calvin, here. Each month, he flew or drove from Los Angeles to attend classes. In between residencies, he worked with his teams using distance technology tools, regardless of ZIP code, area code, or geography. This creates some of the most interesting logistics learning among the students and a unique opportunity for a different kinds of diversity.

International Engagement

Over 20% of our students come from outside the USA and represent almost every continent of the Earth. They come to San Francisco for the innovation and sustainability cultures but bring their own cultures to mix in our melting pot. Mon, a student from Thailand, was one of our first international students. He came to soak-up the culture of the San Francisco Bay Area and took it back with him to Bangkok, where he lives and works today. He is still a vibrant part of our extended community, even from a far.

Government Innovators

Increasingly, and especially for our new Public Policy Design program, those with a government background are joining our programs in order to learn to innovate more effectively in government and large NGOs. Kiran Jain, one of our Leading by Design Fellows, does just this within the City of Oakland. She’s responsible for identifying new opportunities for innovation within the city as well as training and evangelizing design thinking and market insight techniques among her many colleagues. These specialized domains require additional skills to navigate the complicated communities that reside in governments around the world.


Class of 2017

 Emil Alex (Dual)
 Heraclio Atencio
 Maria Chercoles
 Amodini Chhabra
 David Chin
 Marcie Chin
 Victor Corral
 Adam Cote
 Caroline Dando
 Chandrima Deuri
 Sharayu Dhimate
 Daniela Gomez
 Camille Grigsby-Rocca (Foresight)
 Katherine Herskovitz

 Sebastian Ibler
 Daniel Kamenetzky
 Farzaneh Kia
 Patchanok Koychusakun
 Kaavya Krishnan
 Travis Kupp (Foresight)
 Maria La Rotta
 Marisa Lavallee
 Amber Lester
 Zhexin Li
 Changlin Liu
 Meghan Luce
 Karl Ludeman
 Rebecca Luoh
 Lindsay McComb

 Jeanette Melgarejo
 Sarah Miller
 Phumelele Mthimunye (Dual)
 Lauren Morgan
 Riley Moynes
 Namrata Narayanan
 Alicia Navajas
 Candelaria Ochoa
 Daniel Olartesalamanca (Foresight)
 Nick Oliviere-Brooks
 Justin Paul
 Daniel Quon
 Cynthia Randolph
 Ryan Remington

 Tyler Rivenbark
 David Roselle (Foresight)
blank 3.01.00 PM Rumaisa Saleem
 Adriana Santamaria
 Ximena Sarango
 Sharareh Shahfari (Foresight)
 Haven Simsar
 Lucy Sweeney (Dual)
Joshua Tharp
 Sohraab Walia
 Jessica Yun-Tien Wen
 Maisee Xiong
 Keji Zheng


Class of 2018


 Alexandra Barnes
 Cody Boeger
 Camille Brito Reale
 Michael Burnett
 Angel Castillo
 Christina Charlton
 Wen Chen
 Allison Cooper
 Jaclyn Dab
 Anna Drabik

 Abdalla Elsayed
 Femi Emiola
 Polly Feng
 Casey Flaherty
 Mina Ghaani
 Sam Irons
 Supriya Kannan
 Justine Keller
 Taylor Kikuchi
 Christine Kim

 Rachel Kroft
 Donna Kwok
 Joyce Lu (Dual)
 Ai Miyazawa
 Ira Opal
 Shraddha Padwal
 Brad Palladino
 Priyanka Rao
 Alexander Rosandick
 Bryan Sattler

 Nayanika Sharma
 Andrew Siu
 Dane Wetschler
 Rachel Wold
 Aaron Wong
 Anita Wong
 Di Wu
 Shuo Yang
 Zi Yang
 Amanda Zielinski